About Us

All over the world, the infrastructure, such as road construction, highway construction, tunnel construction, bridge construction, canal construction, and so much more, are rising at its peak. As we all belong to the evergreen Highway Construction & Automobile Industries for almost three decades, we have contacts with suppliers and manufacturers supplying spare parts to the automotive industry to many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) such as Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Ltd, Tata Motors Ltd, Toyota Motors, etc.

How are we resolving?

The solution is in our ability to develop the Web Application capable of supplying critical and important components easily that might not be available in the market. We have mastered the art of providing service at the earliest, and that is what makes us remarkable. TOEMA Web Application will market our products all over Canada and, eventually, worldwide. We will focus on the large fleet owners who own trucks, buses, cranes and other heavy machinery. The logistics and transport businesses are driven by solid references from the clients and customers who use the products, be it the truck or its parts. In order to gain traction on the market and get more clients and customers, marketing and advertising is going to play a huge role.

How are we different?

Our competitive advantage is the ability to analyze current problems in the market and create a suitable solution. We intend to develop and maintain mutually profitable relations with brands like Lordco Auto Parts, Auto Spot Parts Depot, PMZ Pecas E Pneus, TVH Parts, etc.
We offer an affordable Web Application to our B2B customers that could help logistics and transportation companies to maintain their fleets by improving market collaboration. In addition, we will offer our customers the Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) and the Operating & Maintenance Contracts (OMC).

Our Publications on PRLog

Toema Supply Services Inc. is to Lead Innovation in the Automobile Equipment Industry

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – March 1, 2024 — The global infrastructure boom, spanning road construction, highway development, tunnelling, bridge construction, canal projects, and more, has created unprecedented demand for essential auto parts. However, the industry grapples with supply chain delays and shortages, exacerbating challenges for logistics and transportation companies. Read More